MiYeon’s Shopping in Jeju, April 2015

MiYeon’s Shopping in Jeju, April 2015

Hi guys, this is my first English topic, please feel free to have comments or chats or etc.

On last April, I went to Jeju, South Korea with Thai tour company with very low cost (around 12900 THB for plane, hotels and some foods)

I am Korean Cosmetics-addicted, and always find the way to purchase them into Thailand.

I like to try everything that is Korean, so my daily routine is almost done bt Korean cosmetics.

Well, its time to see my shopping bags!!!

But before shopping bags, before going to Korea I have to check the price and products that will include in my wishlists, and here is my wishlists.

shopping list

Then, we have arrived !!, at Jeju airport


Tah dah!! here is my shoppings


Wah Quite a lot, right??

In Jeju, the most frequent shop I found is Nature republic, which can be found in almost every place that tour guide to.


Lucky!!, they are on sale !!!!

And these are my purchased.


All of Nature Republic’s products are great and skin friendly.

I love the cactus gel and bamboo mist very much (which will be further reviewed in the next occasion).

The next brand is It’s Skin, It’s Skin is one of my fav’ and the product that I do love most is GF effector. This time I purchased four bottles, for one year.


Woohoo!! See you again next year, Korea.

And the next brand is Innisfree, lucky I have some times and went to Innisfree Jeju House, which is the perfect place that I enjoyed most.

11173325_10204071639651462_5295637980083187181_n IMG_1853-re

These are my purchased,


Sparkling mineral is the new line that launched in April, I think.

But I did not tried it yet, so when I tried it I will make a review.

For Etude House, I purchased Magic any cushion, which is my fav’ and some mask sheets for trying


About magic any cushion, I used peach color.

And the next brand is Beyond. Beyond is one of my interesting since I went to Korea on June, 2014.

Their products are quite great, however there are few line that used alcohol, which may not suits some individuals, and this are my purchased.


On that time I went, their mask sheet is on promotion, 10+10 (Buy 10 get 10 free).

And the next brand is Tony Moly, I used their Galactomyces water before. This time I went for their Goat milk toner, which is newly launched.


Their mascara is also great!!!!!

The next brand is Hanyul, this time I go for their rice skin softener


And the next brand is Mamonde, I love their concepts, I love flower, esp. roses.

This is my purchased,


And the last one is the saem, another eco-friendly brand.


their wrapping tints are great, look like natural lips.

Well That’s all

See you again in my next blog post

love you


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